Sunday , September 20 2020
100 euros starting bonus with the CHIP deal: When taking out a quirion savings plan

100 euros starting bonus with the CHIP deal: When taking out a quirion savings plan

You choose the desired risk level yourself and then hardly have to worry about anything. Quirion continuously determines which ETFs are currently most effective and advantageous for your savings plan in a multi-stage process. If there are changes, the provider reallocates the ETFs. Unlike many banks, quirion does not charge a fee for this.

In your personal profile on you can follow at any time how your savings plan is developing, the current value of your portfolio and how high the return is. You can use your account alone or add your partner to the savings plan so that you do not have to take out individual plans. There are three types of accounts: individual, joint and child accounts. Every account and portfolio is eligible for savings plans.

About quirion

Quirion AG is one of the leading robo-advisors in Germany and offers investors access to professional asset management. quirion is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quirin Privatbank AG. At, investors can benefit from the earnings opportunities on the international capital markets with inexpensive, efficient investment products. quirion has already won awards and test victories. A milestone was the test victory at Stiftung Warentest (financial test 8/2018). Here quirion was particularly convincing with the portfolio quality and the lowest costs. Stiftung Warentest has tested 14 robo-advisors who offer digital financial portfolio management and are monitored by the financial supervisory authority.

Save now and secure your starting bonus

Start to save strategically and secure your starting bonus of 100 euros with the coupon code "FOCUS092020". The bonus will be credited to you by the end of December at the latest. So conclude your ETF savings plan with quirion now and start investing and making provisions for your future now.

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