3rd league: 1 .. FC Magdeburg awards match ball against relegated players

3rd league: 1 .. FC Magdeburg awards match ball against relegated players

Just one FCM chance before the break

In the first half hour, the Elbe residents had more of the game, but could hardly develop a goal. The last pass often turned out to be too difficult a task due to lack of speed or walking. Jürgen Gjasula had the best opportunity, who, after a corner and a header extension, pushed the ball over it (12th). Magdeburg was lulled by the guests. And the longer the game lasted, the more active the relegated player became. A counterattack almost brought him the lead, but when US boy Orrin McKinze Gaines II headed for Morten Behrens alone, the formally strong FCM keeper kept his nerve and saved (44.).

A goal decides

With the admission of ex-Auers Mario Kvesic, FCM coach Thomas Hoßmang wanted to set a new offensive accent at the break. His team got the game under control again, but initially remained harmless. A chance from Christian Beck, who failed from a tight angle to goalkeeper Constantin Fromman, heralded the closing phase (63.). On the opposite side, Kai Brünker pulled a pass from the right from close range over the crossbar (66.). It happened three minutes later: An inaccurate tee-off from Behrens used Onur Ünlücifci to pass to Gaines II to the left, who circled the ball past Kvesic into the right corner. Then Magdeburg worked on the compensation. Kvesic repeatedly initiated attacks. Marcel Costly failed twice: once on the responsive Frommann (73.), then on the header, which narrowly missed the left triangle (90.).

Next match ball against formally strong Ingolstadt

FC Ingolstadt are on Wednesday with a three point lead over relegation places. There is the second match ball – a win and everything would be clear. But the Upper Bavarians have not conceded a goal in the past six games. If the match ball is not changed again, the blue-whites then expect a real nerve game against Prussia Münster on the last match day.

Quotes about the game: Beck angry

Christian Beck (FCM captain) at "Magenta Sport": "You really can't be as stupid as we are. We had a huge chance today to make everything clear. We then deliver such a performance. That is very, very annoying . It just fits into this shitty season. We just want to bring it to a positive end, that we are simply on the bottom line, that we can just do it – the main thing is that we can do it. "

Hans-Jürgen Boysen (Großaspach coach): "The victory is well deserved. After the first quarter of an hour we found ourselves in the game. We had a good chance before the break. I think we had one of the big chances. We had it No more pressure to win. I mentioned Dortmund as an example. Overall we defended it very well today and always had good counterattacks. We can do better today, but under the bottom line is the result and the fact that we scored the decisive goal and leave the court as the winner. The team, like the entire second half of the season, showed great character and cut everything to the end. I keep my fingers crossed for Magdeburg, that you pack it. "

Thomas Hoßmang (Magdeburg coach): "Of course we are disappointed. But it is not a dream concert. We started properly, were 20 minutes good, had a good chance. Then we lost the thread, did a few things wrong during the start-up, We kept running after it. Then we changed the basic formation and then we were better in the game. In a game where you could have put the lid on it, you have to be wise to recognize this phase, where we get the 0: 1 Realize that it goes back and forth and nobody is able to kick the ball out once. To make sure that we get back in order. We behaved completely wrong. Certainly we still had afterwards Opportunities, but it wasn't imperative. We left important points in the relegation battle. Now it's about showing character, licking the wounds and getting up again. "

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