noun, plural ab·beys.

  1. a monastery under the supervision of an abbot or a convent under the supervision of an abbess.
  2. the group of buildings comprising such a monastery or convent.
  3. the church of an abbey.


  1. Edward,1927–89, U.S. novelist and nature writer.
  2. Edwin Austin,1852–1911, U.S. painter and illustrator.
  3. a female given name, form of Abigail.


  1. a building inhabited by a community of monks or nuns governed by an abbot or abbess
  2. a church built in conjunction with such a building
  3. such a community of monks or nuns

mid-13c., “convent headed by an abbot or abbess,” from Anglo-French abbeie, Old French abaïe, from Late Latin abbatia, from abbas (genitive abbatis); see abbot.

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