1. causing repugnance; detestable; loathsome: an abhorrent deed.
  2. utterly opposed, or contrary, or in conflict (usually followed by to): abhorrent to reason.
  3. feeling extreme repugnance or aversion (usually followed by of): abhorrent of waste.
  4. remote in character (usually followed by from): abhorrent from the principles of law.


  1. repugnant; loathsome
  2. (when postpositive, foll by of) feeling extreme aversion or loathing (for)abhorrent of vulgarity
  3. (usually postpositive and foll by to) conflicting (with)abhorrent to common sense

1610s, “in a position or condition to recoil,” usually with from; from Latin abhorentem (nominative abhorrens), present participle of abhorrere; see abhor. Meaning “repugnant” is from 1650s. Earlier was abhorrable (late 15c.).

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