absolve [ab-zolv, -solv] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin verb (used with object), ab·solved, ab·solv·ing.

  1. to free from guilt or blame or their consequences: The court absolved her of guilt in his death.
  2. to set free or release, as from some duty, obligation, or responsibility (usually followed by from): to be absolved from one’s oath.
  3. to grant pardon for.
  4. Ecclesiastical.
    1. to grant or pronounce remission of sins to.
    2. to remit (a sin) by absolution.
    3. to declare (censure, as excommunication) removed.

Origin of absolve 1525–35; Latin absolvere, equivalent to ab- ab- + solvere to loosen; see solve Related formsab·solv·a·ble, adjectiveab·sol·vent, adjective, nounab·solv·er, nounun·ab·solved, adjectiveSynonyms for absolve 1. exculpate, clear. 2. liberate, exempt. 3. excuse, forgive.Synonym study 1. Absolve, acquit, exonerate all mean to free from blame. Absolve is a general word for this idea. To acquit is to release from a specific and usually formal accusation: The court must acquit the accused if there is not enough evidence of guilt. To exonerate is to consider a person clear of blame or consequences for an act (even when the act is admitted), or to justify the person for having done it: to be exonerated for a crime committed in self-defense. Antonyms for absolve 1. blame. Examples from the Web for unabsolved Historical Examples of unabsolved

  • The slain man died, unabsolved, in the commission of mortal sin.

    The Queen of Hearts

    Wilkie Collins

  • Now, if ministers are wanting, what ruin awaits those, who depart from this life unregenerate or unabsolved!

    Selections from the Prose Writings of John Henry Cardinal Newman

    John Henry Newman

  • Then he died (priestless, of course, and unabsolved) cursing God and crying piteously for help from the devil.

    Life on a Mediaeval Barony

    William Stearns Davis

  • Adrienne Lecouvreur sank back upon the pillows, dead—and unabsolved.


    Albert Payson Terhune

  • But for some dreadful and unabsolved crime, a holy man of those days whelmed all beneath the deep waters.

    Notes and Queries, Number 222, January 28, 1854


  • British Dictionary definitions for unabsolved absolve verb (tr)

    1. (usually foll by from) to release from blame, sin, punishment, obligation, or responsibility
    2. to pronounce not guilty; acquit; pardon

    Derived Formsabsolvable, adjectiveabsolver, nounWord Origin for absolve C15: from Latin absolvere to free from, from ab- 1 + solvere to make loose Word Origin and History for unabsolved absolve v.

    early 15c., from Latin absolvere “set free, loosen, acquit,” from ab- “from” (see ab-) + solvere “loosen” (see solve). Related: Absolved; absolving.

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