< /ˈæs əˌnaɪ/.

  1. Botany. one of the small drupelets or berries of an aggregate, baccate fruit, as the blackberry.
  2. a berry, as a grape or currant.
  3. Anatomy.
    1. a minute rounded lobule.
    2. the smallest secreting portion of a gland.

noun plural -ni (-ˌnaɪ)

  1. anatomy any of the terminal saclike portions of a compound gland
  2. botany any of the small drupes that make up the fruit of the blackberry, raspberry, etc
  3. botany obsolete a collection of berries, such as a bunch of grapes

n. pl. ac•i•ni (-nī′)

  1. Any of several minute grape-shaped secretory portions of an acinous gland.
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