noun Tennis.

  1. advantage(def 5).
  2. ad in, the advantage being scored by the server.
  3. ad out, the advantage being scored by the receiver.


  1. short for advertisement

noun tennis, US and Canadian

  1. short for advantage Brit equivalent: van

the internet domain name for

  1. Andorra

abbreviation for

  1. (indicating years numbered from the supposed year of the birth of Christ) anno Domini70 ad Compare BC
  2. military active duty
  3. military air defence
  4. Dame of the Order of Australia

1841, shortened form of advertisement. Long resisted by those in the trade, and denounced 1918 by the president of a national advertising association as “the language of bootblacks, … beneath the dignity of men of the advertising profession.”


  1. auris dextra (right ear)
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