verb (used with object), ad·judged, ad·judg·ing.

  1. to declare or pronounce formally; decree: The will was adjudged void.
  2. to award or assign judicially: The prize was adjudged to him.
  3. to decide by a judicial opinion or sentence: to adjudge a case.
  4. to sentence or condemn: He was adjudged to die.
  5. to deem; consider; think: It was adjudged wise to avoid war.

verb (tr; usually passive)

  1. to pronounce formally; declarehe was adjudged the winner
    1. to determine judicially; judge
    2. to order or pronounce by law; decreehe was adjudged bankrupt
    3. to award (costs, damages, etc)
  2. archaic to sentence or condemn

late 14c., “to make a judicial decision,” from Old French ajugier “to judge, pass judgment on,” from Latin adiudicare “grant or award as a judge,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + iudicare “to judge,” which is related to iudicem (see judge (v.)). Sense of “to have an opinion” is from c.1400. Related: Adjudged; adjudging.

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