1. a star of the second magnitude in the constellation Perseus: the first known and most famous eclipsing binary star.


  1. a computer language in which information is expressed in algebraic notation and according to the rules of Boolean algebra.


  1. the second brightest star in Perseus, the first known eclipsing binary. Visual magnitude: 2.2–3.5; period: 68.8 hours; spectral type (brighter component): B8V


  1. a computer programming language designed for mathematical and scientific purposes; a high-level language

Beta Persei, variable star in the constellation Perseus, late 14c., literally “the Demon,” from Arabic al-ghul “the demon” (see ghoul). It corresponds, in modern representations of the constellation, to the gorgon’s head Perseus is holding, but it probably was so called because it visibly varies in brightness every three days, which sets it apart from other bright stars. The computer language (1959) is a contraction of algo(rithmic) l(anguage); see algorithm.

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