1. (Charles) Grant (Blair·fin·die) [blair-fin-dee] /blɛərˈfɪn di/, Cecil PowerJ. Arbuthnot Wilson, 1848–99, British philosophical writer and novelist.
  2. Ethan,1738–89, American soldier in the Revolutionary War: leader of the “Green Mountain Boys” of Vermont.
  3. FredJohn Florence Sullivan, 1894–1956, U.S. comedian.
  4. Frederick Lewis,1890–1954, U.S. historian and editor.
  5. GracieGrace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen, 1905–64, U.S. comedian (partner and wife of George Burns).
  6. Richard,1760–1831, U.S. clergyman: a founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
  7. William,1532–1594, English Catholic cardinal in exile.
  8. (William) Her·vey [hur-vee] /ˈhɜr vi/, 1889–1949, U.S. novelist, poet, and biographer.
  9. WoodyAllen Stewart Konigsberg, born 1935, U.S. comedian, author, actor, and filmmaker.
  10. a male given name.


  1. Bog of Allen a region of peat bogs in central Ireland, west of Dublin. Area: over 10 sq km (3.75 sq miles)
  2. Lough Allen a lake in Ireland, in county Leitrim


  1. Ethan. 1738–89, American soldier during the War of Independence who led the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont
  2. Lily (Rose Beatrice), born 1985, English pop singer; one of the first performers to come to prominence through exposure on the networking website MySpace rather than through record release
  3. Sir Thomas. born 1944, British operatic baritone
  4. Woody. real name Allen Stewart Konigsberg. born 1935, US film comedian, screenwriter, and director. His films as an actor and director include Annie Hall (1977), Manhattan (1979), Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), Bullets over Broadway (1994), and Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

masc. proper name, variant of Alan (q.v.). In reference to wrench, key, screw, etc. with hexagonal socket or head, 1913, from the Allen Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.

  1. American anatomist who is noted for his studies of hormones and for the discovery (1923) of estrogen.

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