1. the nutlike kernel of the fruit of either of two trees, Prunus dulcis (sweet almond) or P. dulcis amara (bitter almond), which grow in warm temperate regions.
  2. the tree itself.
  3. a delicate, pale tan.
  4. anything shaped like an almond, especially an ornament.


  1. of the color, taste, or shape of an almond.
  2. made or flavored with almonds: almond cookies.


  1. a small widely cultivated rosaceous tree, Prunus amygdalus, that is native to W Asia and has pink flowers and a green fruit containing an edible nutlike seed
  2. the oval-shaped nutlike edible seed of this plant, which has a yellowish-brown shell
  3. (modifier) made of or containing almondsalmond cake Related adjectives: amygdaline, amygdaloid
    1. a pale yellowish-brown colour
    2. (as adjective)almond wallpaper
  4. Also called: almond green
    1. yellowish-green colour
    2. (as adjective)an almond skirt
  5. anything shaped like an almond nut

c.1300, from Old French almande, amande, from Vulgar Latin *amendla, *amandula, from Latin amygdala (plural), from Greek amygdalos “an almond tree,” of unknown origin, perhaps a Semitic word. Altered in Medieval Latin by influence of amandus “loveable,” and acquiring in French an excrescent -l- perhaps from Spanish almendra “almond,” which got it via confusion with the Arabic definite article al-, which formed the beginnings of many Spanish words. Applied to eyes shaped like almonds, especially of certain Asiatic peoples, from 1870.

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