noun, plural a·me·bas, a·me·bae [uhmee-bee] /əˈmi bi/.

  1. any of numerous freshwater, marine, or parasitic one-celled protozoa of the order Amoebida, characterized by a granular nucleus surrounded by a jellylike mass of cytoplasm that forms temporary extensions, or pseudopodia, by which the organism moves, engulfs food particles, and forms food vacuoles.
  2. a protozoan of the genus Amoeba, inhabiting bottom vegetation of freshwater ponds and streams: used widely in laboratory studies.

noun plural -bae (-biː) or -bas

  1. the usual US spelling of amoeba

n. pl. a•me•bas

  1. A protozoa of the genus Amoeba and of related genera, occurring in soil and water and parasitic in animals.

  1. Another spelling of amoeba.
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