1. full of life, action, or spirit; lively; vigorous: an animated debate on the death penalty.
  2. made or equipped to move or give the appearance of moving in an animallike fashion: animated puppets.
  3. containing representations of animals or mechanical objects that appear to move as real ones do: an animated window display.


  1. full of vivacity and spirit; lively
  2. characterized by movement and activityan animated scene met her eye
  3. possessing life; animate
  4. moving or appearing to move as if alivean animated display
  5. pertaining to cinematographic animation

1530s, “alive,” past participle adjective from animate (v.). Meaning “mentally excited” is from 1530s; “full of activity” from 1580s. The “moving pictures” sense is attested from 1895; of cartoons from 1897. Related: Animatedly.

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