noun, plural an·la·gen [ahn-lah-guh n] /ˈɑn lɑ gən/, an·la·ges. (sometimes initial capital letter)

  1. Embryology. an embryonic area capable of forming a structure: the primordium, germ, or bud.
  2. Psychology. an inherited predisposition to certain traits or to a particular character development.

noun plural -gen (-ɡən) or -ges

  1. another word for primordium

“basis of a later development” (plural anlagen), 1892, from German anlage “foundation, basis,” from anlagen (v.) “to establish,” from an “on” + legen “to lay” (see lay (v.)).

n. pl. an•la•ges

  1. The initial clustering of embryonic cells from which a part or an organ develops; primordium.
  2. A genetic predisposition to a given trait or personality characteristic.

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