1. in a short time; soon.
  2. at another time.
  3. Archaic. at once; immediately.
  1. ever and anon, now and then; occasionally.

  1. anonymous.
  2. anonymously.

adverb archaic, or literary

  1. in a short time; soon
  2. ever and anon now and then

abbreviation for

  1. anonymous

late Old English anon, earlier on an, literally “into one,” thus “continuously; straightway (in one course), at once;” see one. By gradual misuse, “soon, in a little while” (1520s). A one-word etymological lesson in the enduring power of procrastination.

An abbreviation for anonymous, used to indicate unknown or unacknowledged authorship. Without the period, anon means “at another time” or “again.”

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