1. land or some other source of revenue assigned for the maintenance of a member of the family of a ruling house.
  2. whatever belongs rightfully or appropriately to one’s rank or station in life.
  3. a natural or necessary accompaniment; adjunct.


  1. land or other provision granted by a king for the support of a member of the royal family, esp a younger son
  2. a natural or customary accompaniment or perquisite, as to a job or position

c.1600, from French apanage (13c.), from apaner “to endow with means of subsistence,” from Medieval Latin appanare “equip with bread,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + panis “bread” (see food). Originally, provisions made for younger children of royalty. The double -p- restored in French 15c.-16c., in English 17c.

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