1. a canton in NE Switzerland, divided into two independent areas.Compare Appenzell Ausser Rhoden, Appenzell Inner Rhoden.
  2. a town in and the capital of Appenzell Inner Rhoden.
  3. (often lowercase) a type of embroidery, used chiefly on fine hankerchiefs.


  1. a demicanton in NE Switzerland: Catholic. 66 sq. mi. (170 sq. km). Capital: Appenzell.


  1. a canton of NE Switzerland, divided in 1597 into the Protestant demicanton of Appenzell Outer Rhodes and the Catholic demicanton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes . Capitals: Herisau and Appenzell, respectively. Pop: 53 200 and Pop: 15 000 (2002 est) respectively. Areas: 243 sq km (94 sq miles) and 171 sq km (66 sq miles) respectively
  2. a town in NE Switzerland, capital of Appenzell Inner Rhodes demicanton. Pop: 5447 (2000)

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