1. Civil Engineering.
    1. a conduit or artificial channel for conducting water from a distance, usually by means of gravity.
    2. a bridgelike structure that carries a water conduit or canal across a valley or over a river.
  2. Anatomy. a canal or passage through which liquids pass.


  1. a conduit used to convey water over a long distance, either by a tunnel or more usually by a bridge
  2. a structure, usually a bridge, that carries such a conduit or a canal across a valley or river
  3. a channel in an organ or part of the body, esp one that conveys a natural body fluid

1530s, from Latin aquaeductus “conveyance of water,” from aquae, genitive of aqua “water” (see aqua-), + ductus “a leading, conducting,” past participle of ducere “to lead” (see duke (n.)).


  1. A channel or passage in a body part or an organ.

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