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  1. Also Araks. Ancient Araxes. a river in SW Asia, flowing from E Turkey along part of the boundary between NW Iran and Armenia and Azerbaijan into the Kura River. About 660 miles (1065 km) long.
  2. Classical Mythology. the first king of Phliasia.

noun, genitive A·rae [ey-ree, air-ee] /ˈeɪ ri, ˈɛər i/. Astronomy.

  1. the Altar, a southern constellation between Triangulum Australe and Scorpius.

noun Latin.

  1. a friend to the last degree.


  1. a river rising in mountains in E Turkey and flowing east to the Caspian Sea: forms part of the E border of Turkey and the N border of Iran. Length: about 1100 km (660 miles)Ancient name: Araxes Russian name: Araks

noun Latin genitive Arae (ˈɑːriː)

  1. a constellation in the S hemisphere near Scorpius

abbreviation for (in Britain)

  1. Associate of the Royal Academy

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