[ad_1] noun
  1. Architecture.
    1. a series of arches supported on piers or columns.
    2. an arched, roofed-in gallery.Compare colonnade.
  2. an arched or covered passageway, usually with shops on each side.
  3. an establishment, public area, etc., containing games of a mechanical and electronic type, as pinball and video games, that can be played by a customer for a fee.
  4. an ornamental carving, as on a piece of furniture, in the form of a row of arches.

verb (used with object), ar·cad·ed, ar·cad·ing.

  1. to provide with an arcade.


  1. a set of arches and their supporting columns
  2. a covered and sometimes arched passageway, usually with shops on one or both sides
  3. a building, or part of a building, with an arched roof

1731 (as arcado, from 1640s), from Italian arcata “arch of a bridge,” from arco “arc,” from Latin arcus (see arc). Applied to passages formed by a succession of arches, avenues of trees, and ultimately to any covered avenue, especially one lined with shops (1731) or amusements; hence arcade game (1977).


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