[ad_1] noun
  1. Geometry. any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curved line.
  2. Also called electric arc. Electricity. a luminous bridge formed in a gap between two electrodes.Compare spark1(def 2).
  3. Astronomy. the part of a circle representing the apparent course of a heavenly body.
  4. anything bow-shaped.

verb (used without object), arced [ahrkt] /ɑrkt/ or arcked, arc·ing [ahr-king] /ˈɑr kɪŋ/ or arck·ing.

  1. to form an electric arc.
  2. to move in a curve suggestive of an arc.


  1. something curved in shape
  2. part of an unbroken curved line
  3. a luminous discharge that occurs when an electric current flows between two electrodes or any other two surfaces separated by a small gap and a high potential difference
  4. astronomy a circular section of the apparent path of a celestial body
  5. maths a section of a curve, graph, or geometric figure

verb arcs, arcing, arced, arcs, arcking or arcked

  1. (intr) to form an arc


  1. maths specifying an inverse trigonometric function: usually written arcsin, arctan, arcsec, etc, or sometimes sin –1, tan –1, sec –1, etc

abbreviation for

  1. AIDS-related complex: an early condition in which a person infected with the AIDS virus may suffer from such mild symptoms as loss of weight, fever, etc

late 14c., originally in reference to the sun’s apparent motion in the sky, from Old French arc “bow, arch, vault” (12c.), from Latin arcus “a bow, arch,” from PIE root *arku- “bowed, curved” (cf. Gothic arhvazna “arrow,” Old English earh, Old Norse ör; also, via notion of “supple, flexible,” Greek arkeuthos, Latvian ercis “juniper,” Russian rakita, Czech rokyta, Serbo-Croatian rakita “brittle willow”). Electrical sense is from 1821.


1893, in the electrical sense, from arc (n.). Meaning “to move in an arc” attested by 1954. Related: Arced; arcing.


  1. A curved line or segment of a circle.


  1. AIDS-related complex

  1. A segment of a circle.
  2. See electric arc.

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