[ad_1] noun
  1. a person who engages in the profession of architecture.
  2. a person professionally engaged in the design of certain large constructions other than buildings and the like: landscape architect; naval architect.
  3. the deviser, maker, or creator of anything: the architects of the Constitution of the United States.

verb (used with object)

  1. to plan, organize, or structure as an architect: The house is well architected.


  1. a person qualified to design buildings and to superintend their erection
  2. a person similarly qualified in another form of constructiona naval architect
  3. any planner or creatorthe architect of the expedition


  1. (tr) to plan or create (something, esp a computer system)

1550s, from Middle French architecte, from Latin architectus, from Greek arkhitekton “master builder, director of works,” from arkhi- “chief” (see archon) + tekton “builder, carpenter” (see texture). An Old English word for it was heahcræftiga “high-crafter.”


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