[ad_1] noun, plural a·re·o·lae [uhreeuh-lee] /əˈri əˌli/, a·re·o·las. Biology.
  1. a ring of color, as around the human nipple.
  2. a small interstice, as between the fibers of connective tissue.

noun plural -lae (-ˌliː) or -las

  1. anatomy any small circular area, such as the pigmented ring around the human nipple or the inflamed area surrounding a pimple

“colored circle around a nipple,” 1706, from Latin areola, literally “small area,” diminutive of area (see area). Introduced in this sense 1605 by Swiss anatomist and botanist Caspar Bauhin (1560-1624).

n. pl. a•re•o•las

  1. A small area.
  2. Any of numerous spaces or interstices in areolar tissue.
  3. Areola mammae.
  4. A pigmented, depigmented, or erythematous zone surrounding a papule, pustule, wheal, or cutaneous neoplasm.
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