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Ariana Grande: That's how her new album "Thank U, Next" sounds

It was "too late to put together something for the show". With this justification should Ariana Grande her appearance at the grammy-Gala on Sunday evening have canceled, At least that's what show producer Ken Ehrlich claims. That the singer protects against it, even speaks of lies, can not be surprised.

For when Ariana Grande has shown one, then that she is capable of rapid artistic responses to changing circumstances. Only two weeks after such a drastic event like that terrorist attack to visitors of their show in Manchester she was able to perform at a charity concert. On the album "Sweetener", published in August 2018, Grande also processed the events musically.

But as soon as the album was released, there were shocks in the private life of the 25-year-olds – her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller succumbed to an overdose, from her fiancé Pete Davidson she parted, Obviously plenty of inspiration for new songs, because while other pop stars spend years between albums, Ariana Grande released her fifth album "Thank U, Next" just six months after the fourth.

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Ariana Grandes quarrel with the Grammy-makers:
Music and game

Of course, speaking of Grande's "private life," the term completely misunderstands the connection between art and life in pop stars. The life events of the star influence the songs. What the listeners in turn know, who tap these songs for clues to this life. The great art is then to keep the songs so universally valid in all individual history of creation that they are suitable and effective for the lives of the listener.

All of this is not an effect of the extreme mediatization of the Internet age, divorce albums already have Marvin Gaye, Phil Collins or Björk added. But, of course, the sheer scale of knowledge and exchange has multiplied. In the new song "Fake Smile" Ariana Grande is shocked by what is sometimes said about her on television – but "I know it's the life that I chose". It belongs to the pop star job.

And that makes Ariana Grande outstanding under the given conditions. She takes the speculation of her fans seriously, she answers on Twitter. With little embarrassments like that Barbecue grill tattoo affair She is pretty confident. The ponytail extension has made her a trademark. From alleged authorities – you are meant, Mr. Grammy producer – she does not offer anything at all. In front of real sizes like Aretha Franklin she shows respect, No wonder they are the "Woman of the Year" from the industry journal "Billboard" was chosen,

Sounds suspiciously like career highlight – it's also good to add new material quickly. In the first episode single, the theme song to "Thank U, Next," Ariana Grande acknowledged her gratitude for what her ex-boyfriends gave her in each case, the video is a real masterpiece of references to teenage girls.comedies the early nineties.

The second single "7 Rings", on the other hand, celebrates retail therapy as a means of coping with frustration. Who does not know it? But who has seven friendship rings of Tiffany in the shopping bag? The video is a very pink variation on the bling-bling fetish world of many hip-hop clips. Be granted her, but to interpret it as emancipative, you have to think pretty much around the corner.

But the tone for the album is set, on which numerous other therapeutic approaches are discussed. For example, "Imagine" would be repression by imagining a better life that would have been possible (if Mac Miller had not taken drugs?). "NASA"uses the double meaning of" space "as space and space to unfold, which she needs to discover herself (like a strange planet?)." Make Up "is also a double meaning – but this time around repartee sex in which smears the make-up (by the way, small surreptitious advertising, derived from Rihanna's cosmetics line).

"I saw your potential without seeing credentials", judges the disappointed in the song "In Your Head" in the best Heidi KlumSound as she opens to confession in "Needy": Yes, I'm in need – but luckily it's lucky to be needed. There are such places that can be read quite self-ironically, for which one can admire Grande, who had to undergo objectively much, can admire.

Musically, the confessional songs are usually held in a slightly trap-influenced mid-tempo R & B sound, produced on headphone intimacy. In between, however, come again and again as radio-Knaller intended songs with thematically lighter lyrics, in which as a producer of the Swedish hit-Garant Max Martin is involved.

The final song has replaced Ariana Grande – the original had been too personal to publish it. So there is still the limit to the very private – even if it has to be publicly defended.

Instead she recorded "a fun song": "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored". In the video there is a passive-aggressive ponytail fight to admire. And the message is unmistakable: Whatever happens – Ariana Grande will not be beaten down.

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