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  1. Longimanus, died 424 b.c., king of Persia 464–24.


  1. Mnemon, died 359? b.c., king of Persia 404?–359?.


  1. died 425 bc, king of Persia (465–425): son of Xerxes I


  1. died ?358 bc, king of Persia (?404–?358). He defeated his brother Cyrus the Younger at Cunaxa (401)

Persian masc. proper name, in classical history, a son of Xerxes II, also a son of Darius, from Greek Artaxerxes (explained by Herodotus as “Great Warrior”), from Old Persian Artaxšaca, literally “having a kingdom of justice,” from arta- “justice” + xšaca “kingdom.”


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