arthur evans

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  1. Sir Arthur John,1851–1941, English archaeologist.
  2. Dame Edith,1888–1976, English actress.
  3. Herbert Mc·Lean [muhkleyn] /məˈkleɪn/, 1882–1971, U.S. embryologist and anatomist.
  4. Janet,born 1971, U.S. swimmer.
  5. Mary Ann. Eliot, George.
  6. Maurice,1901–1989, U.S. actor and producer, born in England.
  7. Oliver,1755–1819, U.S. inventor: constructed the first high-pressure steam engine in the U.S. 1801?.
  8. Rob·ley Dun·gli·son [rob-lee duhng-gluh-suh n] /ˈrɒb li ˈdʌŋ glə sən/, Fighting Bob, 1846–1912, U.S. admiral.
  9. Ru·dulph [roo-duhlf] /ˈru dʌlf/, 1878–1960, U.S. sculptor.
  10. Walker,1903–75, U.S. photographer.
  11. William JohnBill, 1929–80, U.S. jazz pianist.
  12. Mount, a mountain in N central Colorado, in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. 14,264 feet (4348 meters).


  1. Sir Arthur (John). 1851–1941, British archaeologist, whose excavations of the palace of Knossos in Crete provided evidence for the existence of the Minoan civilization
  2. Dame Edith (Mary Booth). 1888–1976, British actress
  3. Sir Geraint (Llewellyn). 1922–92, Welsh operatic baritone
  4. Herbert McLean. 1882–1971, US anatomist and embryologist; discoverer of vitamin E (1922)
  5. Mary Ann. real name of (George) Eliot (def. 1)
  6. Oliver. 1755–1819, US engineer: invented the continuous production line and a high-pressure steam engine
  7. Walker. 1903–75, US photographer, noted esp for his studies of rural poverty in the Great Depression

  1. American anatomist who isolated four pituitary hormones and discovered vitamin E (1922).

  1. American biologist who discovered vitamin E in 1922 and conducted research that led to the discovery of the growth hormone in the pituitary gland.

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