[ad_1] noun, plural A·shan·tis, (especially collectively) A·shan·ti for 2.
  1. a former native kingdom and British colony in W Africa: now a region of Ghana. 9700 sq. mi. (25,123 sq. km). Capital: Kumasi.
  2. a native or inhabitant of Ashanti.
  3. the dialect of Akan spoken by the people of Ashanti.


  1. an administrative region of central Ghana: former native kingdom, suppressed by the British in 1900 after four wars. Capital: Kumasi. Pop: 3 187 607 (2000). Area: 24 390 sq km (9417 sq miles)
  2. plural -ti or -tis a native or inhabitant of Ashanti

1705, Asiantines, one of the Akan people of central Ghana; native name.


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