assort [uh-sawrt] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for assort on verb (used with object)

  1. to distribute, place, or arrange according to kind or class; classify; sort.
  2. to furnish with a suitable assortment or variety of goods; make up of articles likely to suit a demand.
  3. Archaic. to group with others of the same or similar kind; connect or identify as of a similar class; associate (usually followed by with).

verb (used without object)

  1. to agree in sort or kind; be matched or suited.
  2. to associate; consort.

Origin of assort From the Middle French word assorter, dating back to 1480–90. See as-, sort Related formsas·sort·a·tive, as·sort·ive, adjectiveas·sort·a·tive·ly, adverbas·sort·er, nounre·as·sort, verb Related Words for assort group, rank, suit, categorize, type, class, classify Examples from the Web for assort Historical Examples of assort

  • After council I went to work to assort the articles to be sold, etc.

    William Clayton’s Journal

    William Clayton

  • “Coming,” said Phyllis simply; and went in to assort her babies.

    The Wishing-Ring Man

    Margaret Widdemer

  • It is better to have each card different, and to assort the flags, so that every card may contain some not very generally known.

    Bright Ideas for Entertaining

    Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott

  • Assort′edness; Assort′ment, act of assorting: a quantity or number of things assorted: variety.

    Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D)


  • It is customary to assort the currency of from one to four groups by banks each day.

    The Galaxy, May, 1877


  • British Dictionary definitions for assort assort verb

    1. (tr) to arrange or distribute into groups of the same type; classify
    2. (intr usually foll by with) to fit or fall into a class or group; match
    3. (tr) to supply with an assortment of merchandise
    4. (tr) to put in the same category as others; group
    5. (intr usually foll by with) rare to keep company; consort

    Derived Formsassortative or assortive, adjectiveassortatively, adverbassorter, nounWord Origin for assort C15: from Old French assorter, from sorte sort Word Origin and History for assort v.

    late 15c., “to distribute into groups,” from Middle French assortir (15c.), from Old French assorter “to assort, match,” from a- “to” (see ad-) + sorte “kind” (see sort). Related: Assorted; assorting.

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