Assyriology [uh-seer-ee-ol-uh-jee] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the study of the history, language, etc., of the ancient Assyrians.

Origin of Assyriology First recorded in 1820–30; Assyri(a) + -o- + -logy Related formsAs·syr·i·o·log·i·cal [uh-seer-ee-uh-loj-i-kuh l] /əˌsɪər i əˈlɒdʒ ɪ kəl/, adjectiveAs·syr·i·ol·o·gist, noun Examples from the Web for assyriology Historical Examples of assyriology

  • We owe to Assyriology his restoration to his proper place in the annals of mankind.

    The Expositor’s Bible

    F. W. Farrar

  • Assyriology leads me to mention M. and Mme. Dieulafoy, well known for their excavations at Suse, and their books.

    My Memoirs

    Marguerite Steinheil

  • One who was to perform yeoman service for Assyriology now entered the field.

    Myths & Legends of Babylonia & Assyria

    Lewis Spence

  • They form a connecting link between Egyptology and Assyriology, and bring forth their relation with Palestine.

    Expositor’s Bible: Index

    S. G. Ayres

  • Sometimes, daddy dear, you show a wonderful understanding of things that have nothing to do with Assyriology.

    The Gray Phantom

    Herman Landon

  • British Dictionary definitions for assyriology Assyriology noun

    1. the study of the culture, history, and archaeological remains of ancient Assyria

    Derived FormsAssyriologist, noun Word Origin and History for assyriology Assyriology n.

    1846, from Assyria + -ology. Related: Assyriologist.

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