astrocyte [as-truh-sahyt] Word Origin noun Cell Biology.

  1. a star-shaped neuroglial cell of ectodermal origin.

Origin of astrocyte First recorded in 1895–1900; astro- + -cyte Related formsas·tro·cyt·ic [as-truh-sit-ik] /ˌæs trəˈsɪt ɪk/, adjective British Dictionary definitions for astrocyte astrocyte noun

  1. any of the star-shaped cells in the tissue supporting the brain and spinal cord (neuroglia)

astrocyte in Medicine astrocyte [ăs′trə-sīt′] n.

  1. One of the large neuroglia cells of nervous tissue.astroglia Deiters’ cell macroglia

astrocyte in Science astrocyte [ăs′trə-sīt′]

  1. A star-shaped cell, especially one of the glial cells that support the tissue of the central nervous system.
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