ataxia [uh-tak-see-uh] ExamplesWord Origin noun Pathology.

  1. loss of coordination of the muscles, especially of the extremities.

Also a·tax·y [uh-tak-see, a-tak-] /əˈtæk si, æˈtæk-/. Compare tabes dorsalis. Origin of ataxia 1605–15; New Latin Greek: indiscipline, equivalent to a- a-6 + táx(is) -taxis + -ia -ia Related formsa·tax·ic, adjectivepre·a·tax·ic, adjective Examples from the Web for ataxic Historical Examples of ataxic

  • There are three stages: The preataxic, the ataxic, the bed-ridden paralytic.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 16, Slice 7


  • I was astonished at his conduct, and still cannot understand what end he imagined would be served by this ataxic defiance.

    The Last Miracle

    M. P. Shiel

  • There may also be ataxic symptoms, paretic weakness of bowel and bladder, trembling and spasms.


    Eugene S. Talbot

  • All cases, however, if they live long enough, pass into the second ataxic stage.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 16, Slice 7


  • With these methods, needing not more than twenty minutes three times a day, the ataxic symptoms sometimes rapidly diminish.

    Fat and Blood

    S. Weir Mitchell

  • British Dictionary definitions for ataxic ataxia ataxy (əˈtæksɪ) noun

    1. pathol lack of muscular coordination

    Derived Formsataxic or atactic, adjectiveWord Origin for ataxia C17: via New Latin from Greek: lack of coordination, from a- 1 + -taxia, from tassein to put in order Word Origin and History for ataxic adj.

    1853, from ataxia + -ic.

    ataxia n.

    also anglicized as ataxy, “irregularity of bodily functions,” 1610s, “confusion, disorder,” medical Latin, from Greek ataxia, from a-, privative prefix, + taxis “arrangement, order,” from stem of tassein “to arrange” (see tactics). Pathological sense is attested from 1660s.

    ataxic in Medicine ataxic [ə-tăk′sĭk] adj.

    1. Of, relating to, or characterized by ataxia.

    ataxia [ə-tăk′sē-ə] n.

    1. Loss of the ability to coordinate muscular movement.dyssynergia incoordination

    ataxic in Science ataxia [ə-tăk′sē-ə]

    1. Loss of muscular coordination as a result of damage to the central nervous system.

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