atelectasis [at-l-ek-tuh-sis] Word Origin noun Pathology.

  1. incomplete expansion of the lungs at birth, as from lack of breathing force.
  2. collapse of the lungs, as from bronchial obstruction.

Origin of atelectasis 1855–60; New Latin; ateliosis + Greek éktasis a stretching out, equivalent to ek- ec- + ta-, variant stem of teínein to stretch + -sis -sis Related formsat·e·lec·tat·ic [at-l-ek-tat-ik] /ˌæt l ɛkˈtæt ɪk/, adjective British Dictionary definitions for atelectasis atelectasis noun

  1. failure of the lungs to expand fully at birth
  2. collapse of the lung or a part of the lung, usually caused by bronchial obstruction

Word Origin for atelectasis C19: New Latin, from Greek atelēs imperfect + ektasis extension Word Origin and History for atelectasis n.

“incomplete expansion of the lungs,” 1836, medical Latin, from Greek ateles “imperfect, incomplete,” literally “without an end,” (from a-, privative prefix, + telos “completion”) + ektosis “extention.” Related: Atelectatic.

atelectasis in Medicine atelectasis [ăt′l-ĕk′tə-sĭs] n.

  1. The absence of gas from all or a part of the lungs, due to failure of expansion or resorption of gas from the alveoli.
  2. A congenital condition characterized by the incomplete expansion of the lungs at birth.

Related formsat′e•lec•tat′ic (-ĕk-tăt′ĭk) adj.

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