athrob adj.

1857, from a- (1) + throb. Related: Athrobbing.

Examples from the Web for athrob Historical Examples of athrob

  • The splendour of the sunset was in his soul and the world was athrob with joy.

    The Root of Evil

    Thomas Dixon

  • Tingling in every nerve, athrob with an emotion new and inexplicable, she drew a long slow breath and turned her head away.

    The Highgrader

    William MacLeod Raine

  • From where they sat they could see Manti—Manti, alive, athrob, its newly-come hundreds busy as ants with their different pursuits.

    ‘Firebrand’ Trevison

    Charles Alden Seltzer

  • Her chin was held high, and beneath the thin brown skin of the throat the veins were athrob.

    Ben Blair

    Will Lillibridge

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