athwartships [uh-thwawrt-ships] ExamplesWord Origin adverb Nautical.

  1. from one side of a ship to the other.

Origin of athwartships First recorded in 1710–20; athwart + ship1 + -s1 Examples from the Web for athwartships Historical Examples of athwartships

  • Athwart—Across, as athwartships, meaning that a thing is lying across the vessel.

    On Yacht Sailing

    Thomas Fleming Day

  • For a boat to take along, I made shift to cut a castaway dory in two athwartships, boarding up the end where it was cut.

    Sailing Alone Around The World

    Joshua Slocum

  • A torrent poured down the athwartships alleyway, and nearly swept me from my feet.

    The Sea and the Jungle

    H. M. Tomlinson

  • At all times except when whales were alongside, this bench was securely lashed athwartships against the rear of the Try-works.

    Moby Dick; or The Whale

    Herman Melville

  • British Dictionary definitions for athwartships athwartships adverb

    1. nautical from one side to the other of a vessel at right angles to the keel

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