Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean noun

  1. an ocean bounded by North America and South America in the Western Hemisphere and by Europe and Africa in the Eastern Hemisphere. About 31,530,000 sq. mi. (81,663,000 sq. km); with connecting seas about 41,000,000 sq. mi. (106,100,000 sq. km); greatest known depth, 30,246 feet (9219 meters).

British Dictionary definitions for atlantic ocean Atlantic Ocean noun

  1. the world’s second largest ocean, bounded in the north by the Arctic, in the south by the Antarctic, in the west by North and South America, and in the east by Europe and Africa. Greatest depth: 9220 m (30 246 ft). Area: about 81 585 000 sq km (31 500 000 sq miles)

atlantic ocean in Culture Atlantic Ocean

Second-largest ocean in the world, separating North America and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east.

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