1. the act of attending.
  2. the persons or number of persons present: an attendance of more than 300 veterans.
  1. dance attendance, to be obsequious in one’s attentions or service; attend constantly: He was given a larger office and several assistants to dance attendance on him.


  1. the act or state of attending
  2. the number of persons presentan attendance of 5000 at the festival
  3. obsolete attendants collectively; retinue

late 14c., “act of attending to one’s duties,” from Old French atendance “attention, wait, hope, expectation,” from atendant, present participle of atendre (see attend). Meaning “action of waiting on someone” dates from late 14c. (to dance attendance on someone is from 1560s); that of “action of being present, presenting oneself” (originally with intent of taking a part) is from mid-15c. Meaning “number of persons present” is from 1835.

see dance attendance on.

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