aune [ohn] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. an old French unit of measure for fabrics, equivalent to about 47 inches (119 cm).

Origin of aune 1700–10; French; Old French aulne Frankish *alina (cognate with Old High German elina, Old English eln). See ell2 Examples from the Web for aune Historical Examples of aune

  • From Aune we had a terrible drive over a road in the making.


    Beatrix Jungman

  • At Aune we met two very handsome Norwegians, who were crossing the country on foot.


    Beatrix Jungman

  • His letter to Aune could not fail to be circulated through the army.

    Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, Complete

    Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne

  • As for Perrault, he probably drew from a popular tradition his Aune de Boudin.

    Popular Tales

    Charles Perrault

  • Britton, i. 189, tells us that the aune contains two cubits and two thumbs (inches).

    Domesday Book and Beyond

    Frederic William Maitland

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