aurora borealis

aurora borealis

aurora borealis [bawr-ee-al-is, -ey-lis, bohr-] ExamplesWord Origin noun Meteorology.

  1. the aurora of the Northern Hemisphere.

Origin of aurora borealis 1621; New Latin: northern aurora; see boreal Also called northern lights, aurora polaris. Examples from the Web for aurora borealis Historical Examples of aurora borealis

  • Such kind of talk, wherever it may be, is only like the aurora-borealis, or like dissolving views which for the moment please.


    John Bate

  • British Dictionary definitions for aurora borealis aurora borealis noun

    1. (sometimes capital) the aurora seen around the North PoleAlso called: northern lights

    Word Origin for aurora borealis C17: New Latin: northern aurora Word Origin and History for aurora borealis n.

    1620s, “Northern Lights,” literally “northern dawn,” said to have been coined by French philosopher Petrus Gassendus (1592-1655) after a spectacular display seen in France Sept. 2, 1621; see aurora + boreal. In northern Scotland and among sailors, sometimes called the dancers or the merry dancers.

    aurora borealis in Culture aurora borealis [(uh-rawr-uh bawr-ee-al-is)]

    A display of colored lights in the sky, also called northern lights, caused by the interaction of particles from the sun with the upper atmosphere near the North Pole. A similar display, called the aurora australis, occurs in the atmosphere above the South Pole.

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