1. an unmarried man.
  2. a person who has been awarded a bachelor’s degree.
  3. a fur seal, especially a young male, kept from the breeding grounds by the older males.
  4. Also called bachelor-at-arms. a young knight who followed the banner of another.
  5. Also called household knight. a landless knight.

noun Informal.

  1. bachelor’s degree.


    1. an unmarried man
    2. (as modifier)a bachelor flat
    1. a person who holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, etc
    2. the degree itself
  1. Also called: bachelor-at-arms (in the Middle Ages) a young knight serving a great noble
  2. bachelor seal a young male seal, esp a fur seal, that has not yet mated

c.1300, “young man;” also “youthful knight, novice in arms,” from Old French bacheler (11c.) “knight bachelor,” a young squire in training for knighthood, of uncertain origin, perhaps from Medieval Latin baccalarius “vassal farmer,” one who helps or tends a baccalaria “section of land.” Or from Latin baculum “a stick,” because the squire would practice with a staff, not a sword. Meaning evolved from “knight in training” to “young unmarried man” (early 14c.). Bachelor party as a pre-wedding ritual is from 1882.

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