1. Meteorology. any instrument that measures atmospheric pressure.Compare aneroid barometer, mercury barometer.
  2. anything that indicates changes.


  1. an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure, usually to determine altitude or weather changes
  2. anything that shows change or impending changethe barometer of social change

1802, from barometer + -ic. Barometrical is recorded from 1660s.


1660s, from Greek baros “weight” (from barys “heavy;” see grave (adj.)) + -meter. Probably coined (and certainly popularized) by English scientist Robert Boyle (1627-1691).

  1. An instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure. Barometers are used in determining height above sea level and in forecasting the weather. The two primary types of barometers are the aneroid and the mercury barometer.

An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure.

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