< /miˈʃɛl/, Michel Boyron, 1653–1729, French actor.


  1. a member of a specific rank of nobility, esp the lowest rank in the British Isles
  2. (in Europe from the Middle Ages) originally any tenant-in-chief of a king or other overlord, who held land from his superior by honourable service; a land-holding nobleman
  3. a powerful businessman or financiera press baron
  4. English law (formerly) the title held by judges of the Court of Exchequer
  5. short for baron of beef

c.1200, from Old French baron (nominative ber) “baron, nobleman, military leader, warrior, virtuous man, lord, husband,” probably from or related to Late Latin baro “man,” of uncertain origin, perhaps from Frankish *baro “freeman, man;” merged in England with cognate Old English beorn “nobleman.”

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