adjective, noun, plural bis, bi’s.

  1. Slang. bisexual.

Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. bismuth.

  1. plural BI’s. built-in.
  2. business intelligence.

  1. a combining form meaning “twice,” “two,” used in the formation of compound words: bifacial; bifarious.

  1. variant of bio-, especially before a vowel: biopsy.

adjective, noun

  1. slang short for bisexual (def. 1), bisexual (def. 6)

the internet domain name for

  1. Burundi

the chemical symbol for

  1. bismuth

combining form

  1. two; having twobifocal
  2. occurring every two; lasting for twobiennial
  3. on both sides, surfaces, directions, etcbilateral
  4. occurring twice duringbiweekly
    1. denoting an organic compound containing two identical cyclic hydrocarbon systemsbiphenyl
    2. (rare in technical usage) indicating an acid salt of a dibasic acidsodium bicarbonate
    3. (not in technical usage) equivalent of di- 1 (def. 2a)

combining form

  1. a variant of bio-

1956 as a colloquial abbreviation of bisexual.

word-forming element meaning “two, twice, double, doubly, once every two,” etc., from Latin bi- “twice, double,” from Old Latin dvi- (cognate with Sanskrit dvi-, Greek di-, Old English twi- “twice, double”), from PIE root *dwo- “two.” Nativized from 16c. Occasionally bin- before vowels; this form originated in French, not Latin, and might be partly based on or influenced by Latin bini “twofold” (see binary).

  1. The symbol for the elementbismuth

  1. The symbol for bismuth.


  1. A brittle, pinkish-white, crystalline metallic element that occurs in nature as a free metal and in various ores. Bismuth is the most strongly diamagnetic element and has the highest atomic number of all stable elements. It is used to make low-melting alloys for fire-safety devices. Atomic number 83; atomic weight 208.98; melting point 271.3°C; boiling point 1,560°C; specific gravity 9.747; valence 3, 5. See Periodic Table.
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