1. a piece of cloth, plastic, or paper that covers the chest and is often tied under the chin of a child to protect the clothing while the child is eating.
  2. any similar cloth or part of a garment.
  3. the front part of an apron, overalls, or similar protective garment above the waist.
  4. Fencing. a piece of canvas attached to the base of the mask, for protecting the throat.
  5. bibcock.

verb (used with or without object), bibbed, bib·bing.

  1. Archaic. to tipple; drink.

  1. put/stick one’s bib in, Australian Informal. to interfere.

  1. (in prescriptions) drink.

  1. Bible.
  2. Biblical.


  1. a piece of cloth or plastic worn, esp by babies, to protect their clothes while eating
  2. the upper part of some aprons, dungarees, etc, that covers the upper front part of the body
  3. Also called: pout, whiting pout a light-brown European marine gadoid food fish, Gadus (or Trisopterus) luscus, with a barbel on its lower jaw
  4. short for bibcock
  5. stick one’s bib in Australian informal to interfere

verb bibs, bibbing or bibbed

  1. archaic to drink (something); tipple

linen worn over the breast while eating, 1570s, from verb bibben “to drink” (late 14c.), imitative of lip sounds, or else from Latin bibere (see imbibe), but difficult now to say whether this is because it was worn while drinking or because it “soaked up” spills.


  1. bibe (drink)
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