1. Informal.
    1. a bicycle.
    2. a motorbike.
    3. a motorcycle.
  2. Harness Racing. a sulky with tires like those of a bicycle.

verb (used without object), biked, bik·ing.

  1. to ride a bike: I bike to work.

  1. get off one’s bike, Australian Informal. to lose control of oneself or become angry.

noun Scot. and North England.

  1. a colony, nest, or swarm of wild bees, wasps, or hornets.
  2. a teeming crowd; swarm of people.

noun, verb

  1. informal short for bicycle, motorcycle
  2. on your bike British slang away you go
  3. get off one’s bike Australian and NZ slang to lose one’s self-control


  1. slang a promiscuous womanthe town bike


  1. a wasps’ or bees’ nest

verb (intr)

  1. to swarm

1882, American English, shortened and altered form of bicycle.

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