noun (used with a singular verb)

  1. any of several games played with hard balls of ivory or of a similar material that are driven with a cue on a cloth-covered table enclosed by a raised rim of rubber, especially a game played with a cue ball and two object balls on a table without pockets.Compare pool2(def 8).


  1. of or used in billiards.


  1. carom(def 1).

noun (functioning as singular)

  1. any of various games in which long cues are used to drive balls now made of composition or plastic. It is played on a rectangular table covered with a smooth tight-fitting cloth and having raised cushioned edges
  2. a version of this, played on a rectangular table having six pockets let into the corners and the two longer sides. Points are scored by striking one of three balls with the cue to contact the other two or one of the twoCompare pool 2 (def. 5), snooker


  1. (modifier) of or relating to billiardsa billiard table; a billiard cue; a billiard ball

1590s, from French billiard, originally the word for the wooden cue stick, a diminutive from Old French bille “stick of wood,” from Medieval Latin billia “tree, trunk,” possibly from Gaulish (cf. Irish bile “tree trunk”).

singular of billiards, used only in combinations.

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