1. the part of the earth’s crust, waters, and atmosphere that supports life.
  2. the ecosystem comprising the entire earth and the living organisms that inhabit it.


  1. the part of the earth’s surface and atmosphere inhabited by living things

1899, on model of German Biosphäre (1875), coined by German geologist Eduard Suess (1831-1914); see bio- + sphere.


  1. All the regions of the earth and its atmosphere in which living organisms are found or can live.
  2. The living organisms and their environment composing the biosphere.

  1. The parts of the land, sea, and atmosphere in which organisms are able to live. The biosphere is an irregularly shaped, relatively thin zone in which life is concentrated on or near the Earth’s surface and throughout its waters.
  2. All the Earth’s ecosystems considered as a single, self-sustaining unit.

The thin outer shell of the Earth and the inner layers of its atmosphere; the place where all living systems are found.

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