1. twice.
  2. again (used as an enthusiastic call for the repetition of a musical performance).


  1. a sheer, often embroidered linen, used in the manufacture of altar cloths.

adjective, noun, plural bis, bi’s.

  1. Slang. bisexual.

  1. Bank for International Settlements.
  2. British Information Services.


  1. twice; for a second time (used in musical scores to indicate a part to be repeated)

sentence substitute

  1. encore! again!

abbreviation for

  1. Bank for International Settlements: an institution, based in Basel, Switzerland, that accepts deposits, makes loans for national central banks, and assists in offsetting speculative movements of funds between the major currencies; set up in 1930
  2. Bosnia-Herzegovina (international car registration)

adjective, noun

  1. slang short for bisexual (def. 1), bisexual (def. 6)

the internet domain name for

  1. Burundi

the chemical symbol for

  1. bismuth

1956 as a colloquial abbreviation of bisexual.

  1. The symbol for the elementbismuth

  1. The symbol for bismuth.

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