bleeder resistor


  1. a person who bleeds abnormally because of low clotting rate; hemophiliac.
  2. a person or animal that bleeds easily, especially an athlete or racehorse.
  3. a person who draws blood from a sick person; phlebotomist.
  4. Slang. a person who drains another of money, resources, etc.; parasite or usurer.
  5. Metallurgy. an ingot or casting from which some metal has escaped.
  6. Also called bleeder resistor. Electricity. a resistor that is connected across a power supply for voltage regulation and to dissipate the charge remaining in capacitors when the power is discontinued.
  7. Also called bleeder valve. a valve or opening for draining a tank, tubing, etc.
  8. British Slang.
    1. a despicable person.
    2. a person, especially a man; fellow.


  1. a resistor connected across the output terminals of a power supply in order to improve voltage regulation and to discharge filter capacitors


  1. slang
    1. derogatorya despicable persona rotten bleeder
    2. any person; fellowwhere’s the bleeder gone?
  2. pathol a nontechnical name for a haemophiliac

1756, “one who lets blood,” agent noun from bleed (v.). As “one with hemophilia,” from 1803.


  1. A person, such as a hemophiliac, who bleeds freely or is subject to frequent hemorrhages.
  2. A blood vessel from which there is uncontrolled bleeding.
  3. A blood vessel severed by trauma or surgery that requires cautery or ligature to arrest the flow of blood.
  4. A person who draws blood from another; a phlebotomist.
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