bliss out


  1. supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment: wedded bliss.
  2. Theology. the joy of heaven.
  3. heaven; paradise: the road to eternal bliss.
  4. Archaic. a cause of great joy or happiness.
  1. bliss out, Slang.
    1. to experience bliss or euphoria: Just give them some bean sprouts and a little tofu and they bliss out.
    2. to cause to become blissful or euphoric: a recording guaranteed to bliss out every Mozart fan.


  1. perfect happiness; serene joy
  2. the ecstatic joy of heaven


  1. Sir Arthur . 1891–1975, British composer; Master of the Queen’s Musick (1953–75). His works include the Colour Symphony (1922), film and ballet music, and a cello concerto (1970)

Old English blis, also bliðs “bliss, merriment, happiness, grace, favor,” from Proto-Germanic *blithsjo (cf. Old Saxon blidsea, blizza), from *blithiz “gentle, kind” + *-tjo noun suffix. Originally mostly of earthly happiness; influenced by association with bless and blithe.


often with out, by 1973, U.S. colloquial, from bliss (n.).

Experience great joy or euphoria, as in Just give me some time to bliss out on the beach. [Slang; c. 1970]

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