1. brought over.

  1. back order.
  2. box office.
  3. branch office.
  4. broker’s order.
  5. buyer’s option.

  1. Board of Ordnance.
  2. Informal. body odor.
  3. Theater. box office.


  1. an exclamation uttered to startle or surprise someone, esp a child in a game
  2. slang an exclamation of encouragement or an expression of enthusiasm

the internet domain name for

  1. Bolivia

abbreviation for

  1. informal body odour
  2. box office

abbreviation for

  1. accounting brought over
  2. buyer’s option

abbreviation for

  1. back order
  2. branch office
  3. broker’s order
  4. buyer’s option

abbreviation of body odor, by c.1950; an advertisers’ invention.

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